Measures implemented due to the ((COVID-19)) pandemic

The ministère des Transports has implemented measures to maintain transportation services related to goods and essential services in all regions of Québec and protect the health of the population.

Operations maintained

The Ministère continues its operations while actively keeping track of the evolution of the pandemic. It also consults businesses and truck drivers to identify their needs and understand their realities on the road.

The Ministère’s mission remains to ensure the sustainable mobility of people and goods throughout the province using efficient and safe transportation systems that contribute to Québec’s development.

Please note that the transportation of goods between regions is not restricted.

The gouvernement du Québec identified priority services in the field of transportation and logistics. In order to maintain the supply chain, the transportation, storage and distribution of goods are considered essential services and are therefore not restricted. Related services, such as maintenance and towing services, are also included. The list is continuously updated based on the development of the measures implemented by the government.

Regarding transportation between Canada and the United States, truck drivers who cross the border as part of their professional activities do not have to self-quarantine for 14 days upon their return in Québec, unless they exhibit symptoms associated with COVID‑19.

Other questions related to COVID-19