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Thaw Period - Official dates

The Department reminds users of heavy vehicles and shippers that the authorized load limits are reduced during the thaw period on all public roads. This is done every year to account for the road network’s lower bearing capacity during this period.

For the 2017 thaw period, the following are the start and end official dates of the load restriction period for each thaw zone:​​

Official dates for 2017

Zone 1

From Monday, February 27 (00:01) to Friday, April 28 (23:59)

Zone 2

From Monday, March 27 (00:01) to Friday, May 26 (23:59)

Zone 3

From Monday, March 27 (00:01) to Friday, May 26 (23:59)

Depending on the changes in weather conditions, the start and end of the load restriction period may be moved ahead or p​ostponed.

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