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Government Standards (SGQRI 008)

The Ministère undertakes to make its website and web applications compliant with the accessibility standards of the gouvernement du Québec.

This website meets most of the requirements specified in the following standards :

  • Standard for website accessibility (SGQRI 008-01) (French only)
  • Standard for the accessibility of downloadable documents (SGQRI 008-02) (French only)
  • Standard for the accessibility of website multimedia content (SGQRI 008-03) (French only).

However, the Ministère cannot guarantee the accessibility of content provided by third parties that are not required to comply with the SGQRI 008 standards.

Web Accessibility Validation

The following adaptive technology was used to check the website’s compliance with the accessibility requirements :

  • Non Visual Desk Accessibility (NVDA) screen reader, version 2011.3