Privacy policy

​Scope of policy

This policy applies solely to this website. It takes into account the requirements of the Act ​respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information (the Act) and all other applicable legislation.


This website contains links to other government and non-government sites. Information exchanged via such other websites is not subject to this privacy policy.

We suggest that you consult the privacy policy that applies to each website you visit.

Information transmitted automatically

It is important to be aware that whenever you access the Ministère website, an exchange of information takes place between your computer and our server. This occurs automatically and without any action on your part. The information exchanged does not identify you personally. The information exchanged consists of:

  1. The Internet domain name (e.g. “” if you use a private Internet access account or “” if your access is through a university) and the IP address (a number assigned automatically to your computer by your Internet service provider whenever you browse the Internet) through which you access the Ministère website.
  2. The type of browser and operating system used to access the site.
  3. The date and time of access to the site.
  4. The pages visited.
  5. If you came to the Ministère’s website via another site, the address of that website (referring site).

This exchange of information is necessary only to ensure that the server sends you a file compatible with your computer equipment. The Ministère also keeps information tracking the number of visits, which pages are visited most, the technology used by the portal’s clientele, the referring site and visitors country of origin.


A cookie is a small piece of information sent by a Web server to a Web browser, to be read back from that browser. Cookies are used to facilitate browsing on the pages of this website. They do not collect personal information. At any time, you may set your browser options to block cookies. However, doing so may prevent you from using certain features on the site.

If you are using a computer in a public space or sharing a computer with other users, make sure you delete all the information in the browser history before closing your session.

If you send us personal information

In compliance with the Act, the department or agency requesting personal information from you must be sure of the necessity of collecting this information (section 64), identify itself and inform you (section 65):

  1. of the name and address of the public body on whose behalf the information is being collected;
  2. of the purposes for which the information is collected;
  3. of the categories of persons who will have access to the information;
  4. of the fact that a reply is obligatory, or that it is optional;
  5. of the consequences for the person concerned or, as the case may be, for the third person, in case of a refusal to reply;
  6. of the rights of access and correction provided by law.

If you choose to send us personal information, by email or using a form on the Ministère site, we will use only whatever information we need to reply to your message. Electronic messages are subject to the same confidentiality provisions as postal mail.

The personal information conveyed is only sent to another government agency where your request is intended for that agency or such communication is required by law. Under no circumstances is the information sent used to prepare user profiles or passed on to private organizations.

Use of Web Analyser NX1

Web Analyzer NX is a statistics tool by the AT Internet. It compiles Ministère website browsing statistics using markers (HTML and JavaScript tags) that are added to the pages of a Web application. Information concerning your time on our website is stored on servers in Europe. AT Internet does not transfer data to the United States; storage is exclusively done in Europe. AT Internet therefore undertakes to respect the following conditions:

  • The cookie must only be used to produce anonymous statistics.
  • The cookie must not follow the user to other sites.
  • The IP address used to identify the geographic locations of visitors shall be limited to a city level. More specifically, the last two octets of the IP address must be deleted.
  • Cookies used to identify the geographic locations of website visitors and IP address shall remain active no longer than 13 months from the date of the first visit.

The tool collects the following information:

  • The type of browser used.
  • The number of page views.
  • The exact navigational path a visitor takes on the site.
  • The amount of time spent on a page or the entire site.
  • Shopping cart activity (items placed in cart, abandons, etc.).
  • IP addresses (processed so that personal identification is impossible).

The following information is not collected when browsing:

  • Nominative personal information, such as users’ names.
  • Users’ contact information, such as telephone numbers or email addresses.