Advantage St. Lawrence – Québec’s New Maritime Vision

​The Québec government is committed to making the St. Lawrence a powerful driver of economic, social, and environmental development.

Québec was born of the St. Lawrence, and our future also depends in part on this exceptional watercourse. With Advantage St. Lawrence, the government plans to harness the power of the river and unleash its potential to increase Quebecers’ collective wealth and chart a new course toward prosperity and growth. However, more can still be done to harness the potential for economic and social development inherent in the St. Lawrence’s strategic geographic location.

Our goal is to make the St. Lawrence a thriving economic corridor while respecting affected ecosystems and the interests of maritime communities.

Three priorities

Québec’s new maritime vision is focused on three priorities:

  • Provide modern, competitive port facilities along the St. Lawrence
  • Ensure efficient navigation that respects ecosystems along the St. Lawrence
  • Provide promising and sustainable development opportunities for communities along the St. Lawrence