Apply for and manage a special permit

​​​​The system for managing special ministerial permits (GPM) is a fully transactional online tool that allows you to request and manage all special traffic permits.

It took effect on February 11, 2019 for class 1 to 7 licenses and for road train (long combination of vehicles (LCV)) licenses and on October 24, 2022 for licenses issued under article 633 of the Highway Safety Code.

Apply for and manage a special permit
Access the special ministerial permit management system (GPM)

Guide for Applicants and Holders of Special Traffic Permits (GPM)
Special ministerial permit management system (GPM)

Start of validity of a permit

For all permit applications in GPM, the validity start date must be the same day or within the next three months.

License renewal and expiry notice

It is possible to duplicate a request for a special traffic permit in order to renew a permit that is expiring or has expired.

Concerning a 633 permit:

  • No overlap of the validity period is possible
  • Expiration or renewal notices will be sent to your communication address approximately 30 days before the start of the new validity period for type of permit.


Special permits may be reimbursed according to the following eligibility conditions.

  • Class 1 to 7 general permit, road train (LCV), permit 633: The refund request is admissible up to seven days (including Saturday and Sunday) after the effective date of the permit. In all other cases, no reimbursement is admissible.
  • Specific class 1 to 7 license: The reimbursement request is admissible when the date of the reimbursement request precedes the effective date indicated on the permit. In all other cases, no reimbursement is admissible.

The administration fees payable for each permit issued cannot be refunded.

Request a permit refund

To request a permit refund, you must send an email accompanied by a copy of the invoice, proof of payment and the special permit stating to cancel it to the following address:

Safety rating

When creating a “carrier” customer account or requesting a permit by an authorized representative, the identification number in the register (NIR) of the Commission des transports du Québec; OR the National Safety Code Certificate (NSC) number issued by a Canadian administration will be requested.

Safety criteria governing permit 633

Only carriers with a “satisfactory” or “conditional” safety rating will be able to apply for a permit. Carriers with the “conditional” rating will have their request analyzed, in the same way as those not required to obtain an identification or certificate number. A delay of three working days is expected.

Permit application containing a class 6 and/or 7 in project mode

For a configuration of a vehicle or a group of vehicles for which one would want to validate the loads and dimension limits, traffic conditions and/or the feasibility of an oversize/overweight transport, it is possible to submit a permit request containing class 6 and/or 7, in project mode, free of charge. This checkbox is found in step 6 “Declarations” in the “Comments” section.