Special permits

​​​​​​The Ministère limits the loads and sizes of vehicles and vehicle combinations to protect infrastructures and ensure the safety of other road users.

The Highway Safety Code allows road vehicles that comply with the loads and sizes authorized by the Vehicle Load and Size Limits Regulation to use the entire Québec road network.

When a road vehicle or a combination of road vehicles cannot comply with the rules established by the Regulation, it can be possible to obtain a special permit.

There are three special permit categories:

Special permit management (GPM) system

Since February 11, 2019, all applications for Class 1 to 7 special permits and for special road train operating permits must be addressed to the Ministère​.

The GPM system is a fully transactional online tool that allows for optimal management of permit applications, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The Ministère also uses this new tool to issue special permits.

For additional information about the regulations and fees applicable to special permits, consult the webpages for the categories of permits indicated above (classes 1 to 7 or road trains).

Please refer to the Special Permit Management System User Guide​.

To apply for a special permit, access the GPM online tool.

Service in English is reserved for individuals covered by the exceptio​ns stipulated in the Charter of the French language. If you navigate to the online tool in English, you confirm in good faith that you are such an individual.

Since October 24, 2022, it has also been possible to apply for any special permit issued under section 633 of the Highway Safety Code via the GPM ​system.