Off-highway Vehicle Trail Monitoring

​In order to ensure the safety of off-highway vehicle enthusiasts, peace officers and trail monitors patrol off-highway vehicle (OHV) trails. Their duty is to enforce the Act respecting off-highway vehicles.

Peace officers enforce not only the Act, but also the provisions of the Highway Safety Code applicable to OHV use on public roads.

Trail monitors are recruited by an OHV club or a federation. In both cases, monitors are volunteers and meet specific selection criteria.

Trail monitors recruited by an OHV club may, among other things,

  • order OHV users to stop their vehicle for an inspection of required equipment, as well as the sleigh or trailer, if any, and
  • require documents such as a proof of age, registration certificate, insurance certificate, and/or documents confirming that the OHV owner intercepted in a trail holds a valid right of access.

Trail monitors recruited by a federation may, in addition to the powers previously mentioned,

  • require OHV operator who are using a public highway to produce their driver licence, and
  • prepare a report leading to a statement of offence.