Sustainable Mobility Policy – 2030

On April 17, 2018, the gouvernement du Québec unveiled its Sustainable Mobility Policy – 2030 : Transporting Québec Towards Modernity and its 2018-2023 Action Plan.

The Sustainable Mobility Policy covers:

  • All transportation modes
  • All movements of passengers and freight
  • All regions of Québec

The Policy addresses public and active, road, marine, air and rail transportation, as well as the interventions carried out on the road network, in an integrated perspective. The Policy will be in effect until 2030 and periodically updated with the different action plans, which will help stay the course on the objectives to be achieved.

Sustainable Mobility Principles

Mobility is the ability and potential of passengers and freight to travel or be transported. It is the foundation of social, economic and cultural exchanges of people, businesses and societies.

For mobility to be sustainable, it must be efficient, safe, perennial, equitable, integrated into the environment and compatible with human health and ecosystems. Sustainable mobility limits consumption of space and resources, and provides and facilitates access. It promotes economic vitality, is socially responsible and preserves the integrity of the environment.

Sustainable Mobility Policy Intervention Frameworks

Eleven sectoral intervention frameworks support the implementation of the Sustainable Mobility Policy throughout Québec. These intervention frameworks are available below in the Documentation section.

The sectoral intervention frameworks include:

  • a 2018-2023 Sectoral Action Plan
  • an assessment of the current situation
  • a full picture of the sector
  • trends
  • issues

The eleven intervention frameworks cover:

  • urban public transit
  • regional public transit
  • paratransit
  • active transportation
  • marine transportation
  • rail transportation
  • air transportation
  • road freight transportation

as well as:

  • road safety
  • new mobility
  • intelligent transportation systems

2018-2023 Action Plan

The 2018-2023 Action Plan is based on the Sustainable Mobility Policy. It is the result of the collaboration between several government departments and bodies. It aims to implement the Policy, as it contains a set of measures based on the various dimensions of the Policy.

Development of the Sustainable Mobility Policy

Collaborative Approach

The Sustainable Mobility Policy was developed by integrating the contributions of an Advisory Committee composed of about twenty organizations that largely cover the transportation modes and expertise in sustainable mobility in Québec, municipal bodies and other departments and bodies of the gouvernement du Québec.

Broad Consultation Process

The first meeting was held on June 9, 2017, and brought together organizations from the transportation and municipal sectors, and other partners from civil society and the business community. These stakeholders all shared their opinions and possible solutions to achieve sustainable mobility in Québec.

This meeting was followed by a call for essays: 41 essays and 25 questionnaires from private or sectoral associations, non-profit organizations, the population and businesses were received.

A second meeting with the stakeholders was held on November 23, 2017. On this occasion, the Ministère presented the proposed major points of the Policy and all sectoral and modal intervention frameworks to the participants, who had another occasion to make comments, suggestions and recommendations on the different components of the future policy.

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